Meet The Team

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Jude Ash

Founder and CEO

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Jude Ash is an aspiring clinical psychologist (PhDc, MA) at the University of Notre Dame, electronics engineer (BE), community organizer, peace scholar (MA), musician, and actor. With his diverse expertise and experience, Jude is well-positioned to bring together the worlds of psychological science, tech, art, and entrepreneurship to provide effective and accessible mental health solutions to millions of people around the world.

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Raul Amezcua

Software Development Officer

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Raul is an undergraduate student at the University of Notre Dame studying Computer Engineering. He has expertise in Dell and, a codeless app development system aiding in BrainDrive’s MVP success. 


Lane Obringer

Team Empowerment and Marketing Officer

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Lane is a first-year undergraduate student at Saint Mary’s College, majoring in Psychology and Business Management. She is a service-oriented leader with an emphasis on community relations as well as an interest in and aptitude for psychology, marketing, public relations, and advertising.